People Invited

In 2015, PIV ignited a revolutionary house movement, spearheaded by visionary founder Prunk.
The talented producers behind the label infused a contemporary flair into the timeless beats

of New York and Chicago House. With the growth of PIV and the PIV sound, the movement
exploded. Echoing across main stages and elite clubs worldwide. PIV stands for People Invited.
House music. For everyone.

With residencies in key venues and festivals such as Tomorrowland Belgium, Fabric London,
Pacha Barcelona, Cova Santa & Amnesia Ibiza, Shelter Amsterdam and numerous showcases
stretching from the Americas to Australia, 2023 has seen a significant increase in PIV’s demand
all over the world. In 2024 PIV is looking to continue this trend with exciting new partnerships in
new markets such as Africa and Asia.

Our core values are inclusive, equality, accessible, colourful, quality, forward thinking and being
down-to-earth. We draw inspiration from the Indonesian roots of our founders. We see it as our
mission to create a global community with our music, events and clothing, thereby offering a
stage for talent and transforming them into future stars. We guarantee a positive, euphoric and
unique experience that will uplift you when you see, hear and feel PIV.

PIV is for everyone. VIP spelled Backwards.